Alienware 51 5500 laptop with strong graphics technologies

I adore playing computer games. Sometimes I even forget what day of a week it is today. I was looking for a laptop with strong graphics technologies. I have found the Alienware 51 5500. Talking of the laptop performance I have to say only one word: Great!

Wow, this model of a laptop has amazing 3D graphics. Playing computer games is a real pleasure for me on this laptop. The 17 inches screen has amazing colors. The laptop screen colors are pleasant for my eyes. I am not very satisfied with the size of hard drive disk, because not all my favorite computer games can be stored on this laptop.

I also like user-friendly keyboard and touchpad. I even did not attach the external mouse. The sizes of the Alienware laptop are very small, that is why it does not take too much place in the house. The laptop has a very light weight and I have an opportunity to use it in any room in the house.

The integrated Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 (1.86 GHz) provides a great laptop performance. Thanks to powerful processor this laptop works very quickly. Long life battery is one of the most significant advantages and I am sure that many users will agree with me.

The Alienware laptop sound system is great. I like it when I play any computer game on this laptop.

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