Samsung Q1 Ultra Q1U-V laptop models online

The Samsung Q1 Ultra Q1U-V is considered to be a perfect helper for those people who are often travel and go on business trips. Samsung laptop is powerful and not heavy at the same time.

Samsung 7 inch WSVGA touch screen 1024 x 600 provides users a clean crisp picture. It is a real pleasure to watch downloaded movies because of the clarity of the display. The battery life is very good and long. This Samsung device can work up to 3 hours. It is very good for this small device.

One of the most significant advantages of this laptop is an integrated web cam. It allows customers to see friends you are chatting with. It is better to see the friends you are chatting with, especially those who you do not often see.

The Samsung laptop works very quickly. The Windows Vista Home Edition is very good operating system. It works absolutely fantastic. This Samsung laptop device is powerful because of the processor integrated in it.

This model of a laptop is not heavy at all. You can put it either in your pocket or bag and take it with you on road. The split QWERTY keyboard is comfortable for usage despite the fact that it is split.

Though the price might be a little bit high, but the device is worth it, because of the advantageous features this laptop has.

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