Everex StepNote NM3900

The Everex StepNote NM3900 notebook is another exclusive laptop meant for professionals who value its features. The features of this laptop are outstanding providing you with whatever you want. Having a laptop is not everything, you need to consider the features critically, and make sure they meet your need for purchasing it.

The Everex StepNote NM3900 notebook comes with a 512 MB RAM, and 60 GB hard drive. This hard drive is good enough for you to keeping your files, running your programs and applications, and other multimedia programs. The use of large hard drives puts you in a position where you can keep a whole lot of files.

Also, the Everex StepNote NM3900 notebook comes with a 1.7 GHz Intel Celeron M 390 processor. This processor will provide you with the speed you need as you work with it. It also gives you a good balance of low power consumption, and outstanding performance. With this type of processor, you can be sure that you will achieve anything you desire.

This notebook has an amazing DVD drive. This drive is capable of playing DVD movies and also burning data to DVDs or CDS. Entertainment lovers are going to love this feature, as it gives them the ability to create their own CDs, and DVDs.

For its bright and stunning 15.4" TFT display, you can be sure you will enjoy your DVD movies. This display screen is very bright and it has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

Its Windows XP Home operating system also adds to its amazing features. This operating system gives you simplicity as you use your laptop notebook.

Also, if you are interested in its 802.11b/g wireless connection, you have it. This provides you with uninterrupted internet access anywhere you go. You can be in the subway, on the street, in the cafe, or anywhere and your reception will be outstanding.

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