HP Pavilion TX1210US nice laptop

The HP Pavilion TX1210US is a nice lightweight, user friendly and easy to setup for the average home user. For those people who are looking for a nice 12.1 inches screen, this HP laptop is absolutely great. The HP Pavilion laptop is sold with a great Media center version, Windows Vista, and has roomy hard drive disk (160 GB), powerful processor (AMD Turion 64 Processor TL58).

However, this laptop is sold with a lot of preloaded software that you might not need but it will take you just a few minutes to delete all unwanted software from your laptop. A long life battery is integrated in this laptop. This battery provides about 3 hours of continuous work.

Wireless Internet connection provided by this type of a laptop gives users an opportunity to check their e-mail, download necessary files, chat with their friends and relatives. Integrated webcam allows users to see people they are chatting with. It is much better to see people you are chatting with.

The HP Pavilion laptop has a very comfortable keyboard. It is very pleasant to type on this keyboard. The keyboard keys are so soft. Thanks to laptop’s light weight I have an opportunity to take it with me anywhere I go and it is really a great advantage.

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