Q2 T2130 Fusion Pink

The Q2 Designs 15.4" Intel Core Duo T2130 (Fusion Pink) notebook is an attractive laptop that is impossible to resist. The features are amazing, and it has all the features you need in a laptop.

This notebook comes with a very fast 1.86 GHz Intel Core Duo T2130 processor. Many professional will love this laptop because of this speed, and type of processor. The use of fast processors is increasing rapidly, and if your laptop does not have a fast laptop, you will be left out.

With its 1 GB RAM, and 80 GB hard drive. These capacities provide all the room for you to keep your files, and documents. Keeping files, data and information are things you can not avoid as you use your laptop. With these capacities, you can keep lots and lots of digital files, and many other important items.

Its 15.4" WXGA display is another exciting feature that should be explained. You will experience a brightness that supersedes many other laptops. This laptop has a high resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. It is also powered by Intel GMA video card. This video card is meant to give it an exclusively bright and stable view.

Its connectivity features includes USB ports (for connecting more than one peripheral to your pc), Microphone, memory card reader slot, and many others. You will find all the ports you need in this notebook laptop.

For your network connection needs, you have a 10/100 Ethernet LAN network card that has the capability to give you unlimited internet access. However, this connection is meant for indoor use, but you can also use its Intel Pro Wireless network connection. This gives you the ability to use it outside your home, and anywhere you find yourself.

It also has a very good battery life that provides you with the opportunity to use it outdoor. You can also enjoy its weight. It has a weight of 7 pounds, making it easy for you to carry in around easily.

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