Nec LW704JMA notebook

The Nec LW704JMA notebook is an amazing laptop that has all the features you want in a laptop. This laptop also has a great performance providing you with all the tools you need to efficiently use your laptop.

The Nec LW704JMA notebook has a good 1.8 GHz Intel Centrino M-750 processor. This processor is very good, and you can be sure working with it will give you an extra speed. The features of this processor are speed, high performance, and low power voltage usage. These features will enable you to have an amazing use of your laptop.

With its 17.1" screen display, you can have all it takes to enjoy watching DVD movies. This display screen is very bright, and clear. The brightness is as a result of its high resolution.

Also, its 80 GB hard drive, and 512 MB RAM provides all the space you need to keep your files, and other items. The use of large hard drives can not be overemphasized. This feature gives you the ability to also keep your programs and run your applications. In case you run out of space for those who keep a lot of files and items, the use of external hard drives can supplement for the insufficient space.

Its SuperMulti DVD drive also gives you the ability to play DVD movies, and burn data to DVDs. This feature is very appreciated by entertainment lovers. Having these features will help you create your own CDs and DVDs, and also have fun.

With its 802.11b/g wireless LAN, you can stay connected anywhere you go. This type of connection removes the need for staying fixed at a table because of a cable connection. You can have access to the internet as you walk, work, study, or travel.

Again, its Windows XP Professional operating system will provide you with all the tools you need to get started and work with as you use your laptop.

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