Everex StepNote VA2000T

The Everex StepNote VA2000T laptop is a wonderful laptop that has many features. The features of this notebook vary from its multimedia features to its entertainment features. With its amazing features, there will never be a dull moment when using this laptop notebook.

The Everex StepNote VA2000T notebook has a 1.73 GHz Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2080 processor. If you are looking for a fast laptop, this type will give you all you want. The rate at which this laptop processes data, information, and commands is really amazing.

The Everex StepNote VA2000T notebook also has a 512 MB RAM, and a 100 GB hard drive. With its hard drive capacity, you can keep all the information, data and files you ever dreamed of. Having a large hard drive to keep information and data gives you comfort and fun as you use your laptop day to day.

Also, its 15.4" WXGA display adds so much to its features. Having a bright and amazing screen crowns it all. This screen is very bright, and it has a high resolution. You will simply enjoy watching DVD movies with this display.

Its Windows Vista Home Basic is an operating system that will give you the excitement and fun you need. This operating system provides you with the tools you need to work with, and get started. Also, this operating system comes with different software to provide you with useful tools for your daily use.

Also the Everex StepNote VA2000T notebook comes as an entertainment laptop with its dual layer DVD drive. This DVD drive gives you the ability to be able to play DVD movies, and also burn data to DVD. Entertainment lovers love this features because you can create your own music, movies, and have fun as much as you want.

Also, its wireless connection feature is not left out. Having this type of connection gives you the ability to be connected anywhere you go.

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