Sony VAIO VGN- AR660U - Best Sony Laptop

I received one of the best presents for Christmas. It is Sony VAIO VGN-AR660U. I consider this one of the best presents. I have an old notebook and I wanted to change it anyway.

Well, what can I say? I love it because of the advantages it has. The notebook operating system is Windows Vista Premium. It works without any problems, absolutely fantastic. I turned Sony notebook on, and it found the wireless connection right away. The HDMI connection is definitely great, you have a wonderful opportunity to connect it to your TV and watch your favorite things you have selected on your laptop on the TV. It is absolutely fantastic notebook for any TV shows you are downloading from the Internet. 17 inches LCD display has crystal clearness.

This Sony laptop works fast and quiet. It does not get hot even if you are working all day long. The notebook processor is very powerful (Intel Core 2 Duo Processor), up to 4GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT GPU and 320GB hard drive allows keeping all documents necessary for work.

Wireless connection allows quickly connect to the Internet and do a quick web searching. An integrated web cam allows always keep in touch with your friends. Personally, it is a really great opportunity to communicate with my old friends and find new one.

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