Averatec 3220H1 portable and small laptop

The Averatec developers managed to create a light, portable and small laptop. They created the Averatec 3220H1. Also, this model of the laptop is affordable for many users. Affordable price makes this model of the laptop very attractive for many users.

The Averatec laptop is powerful thanks to integrated AMD Athlon XP-M 2000+ Processor. The Averatec laptop turns on and off in a few seconds. The Averatec keyboard and touchpad are very user-friendly and comfortable. Those users have an opportunity to make sure themselves in keyboard comfort. The external mouse can be also attached.

The Averatec screen is very broad and light. The screen colors are very bright. Playing computer games on this laptop is a great pleasure. In the evenings users have an opportunity watching their favorite movies. The Averatec laptop viewing angle is amazing. The Averatec sound system is very clear.

The Averatec hard drive disk allows users to store everything they need for work and pleasure. The Averatec wireless connection allows many users to connect quickly to the Internet. Windows XP Home Edition is integrated in this laptop. It is very good operating system.

Long life battery provides long hours on work on this laptop.

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