IBM Thinkpad T60p

Having this notebook is a dream come true for many professionals, students, and home users. The features of this notebook make it one of the best IBM laptops made. Having this notebook clearly signifies advancement as a laptop user.

The IBM Thinkpad T60p notebook comes with a 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7600 processor. This is the best processor in the history of laptop manufacturing. This speed of this IBM Thinkpad T60p processor is also something that should be acknowledged. It is very fast, and it will certainly give you the speed you desire in getting your tasks done.

It also has 3 GB RAM, and 160 GB hard drive. This RAM is very good, and its hard drive is also enough for you to keep all your office files, documents, and anything you want to save. Students will also appreciate this hard drive capacity as it provides the space for them to keep their music files, videos, movies, photos, and any other things.

With its 8x dual-layer DVD drive, you have the ability to play DVD movies, and also burn data to DVD disc. Having this feature in a laptop notebook is a plus as entertainment lovers will usually look out for such features. Its 15.4" WSXGA TFT display is very bright, and sharp. The colors are distinct, and it has a high screen resolution.

For security conscious users, you have an integrated fingerprint reader. With this feature, you can keep your notebook laptop safe from intrusion from people. Using your notebook will simply be by your permission.

Connection to the internet is also a feature that has been considered in the IBM Thinkpad T60p notebook. It has options such as integrated 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN, and Bluetooth. You can also use its cable connection. Using the wireless connections gives you the opportunity to use it outside your home. You can connect to the internet in the park, on the street, or anywhere you find yourself.

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