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Compaq Computer Corporation was founded in 1982. Three senior managers were the founders of American personal computer company, according to the latest Compaq laptops reviews presented in the Internet. Ben Rosen and Sevin Rosen put the first capital into company development, as it was indicated in the last Compaq laptops review. The original Compaq PC was planned out when the founders were dining at the restaurant.

In November 1982, the first portable IBM PC was presented, judging by the latest Compaq laptop review that I read. Relying on the latest Compaq laptop reviews, the first portable IBM PC was launched at price $2995 in March 1983. This price was more affordable and reasonable in comparison with other models from other producers. Almost 53,000 of laptops were sold out. Compaq company was able to present on market a legal IBM clone, as IBM used the retro parts for their PC. The Microsoft gave the right to license the operating system to other computer producers. The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) was the only part that was duplicated. It was done legally with the help of reverse-engineering by paying a sum of $1 million.

In 1986 the company produced absolutely new model of computer the Compaq Portable II. This Compaq laptop computer is lighter and smaller in comparison with other models of computers. In general, all Compaq laptop computers, were stylish and powerful. This Compaq Portable II has a stylish design and good details inside. This model was sold for a cheaper price and it was the first based on Intel new microprocessor.

In 1990 the company presented the Compaq Presario. Compaq laptops models are famous all around the world and many customers leave positive testimonials. Many customers prefer to buy Compaq laptops online. It is considered to be the fastest way to get what you want. All laptop models are available online, buy Compaq laptop online, save your time. Compaq laptop models are popular not only because of their cheap price but for their quality as well.

The company became the first producer who used CPUs from AMD and Cyrix. In 2001 the Compaq company united with Hewlett Packard. The HP Compaq competes with many other producers of PC.

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Compaq Presario C504US2007-12-04 09:12

Compaq laptops have improved over the years, and they now produce efficient and high-performance laptops. One of such laptops is the Compaq Presario C504US notebook. This notebook laptop is a nice, attractive, and firm laptop. Professionals love this l

Compaq Presario V6310US2007-12-04 09:22

The Compaq Presario V6310US notebook also falls among one of the improved laptops made by Compaq. This notebook is greatly admired among professionals, and business users. The use of this laptop does not only fall among these categories, students, and

Compaq Presario C552US2007-12-04 09:25

The Compaq Presario C552US notebook is an average laptop that is affordable and has a very good design. This notebook has many features that will guarantee you a good time using it. The Compaq Presario C552US notebook comes with a 1.6 GHz Intel

Compaq Presario V6110US2007-12-04 09:28

The Compaq Presario V6110US notebook is a lightweight laptop that combines all the features you need in a laptop. The features of this laptop notebook are numerous, and they are capable of giving you a good time as you use these features. The C

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