Electrovaya Scribbler SC3000

The Electrovaya Scribbler SC3000 tablet notebook is another laptop that has performed remarkably well in the last few years. The features of this laptop are outstanding, and exclusive.

The Electrovaya Scribbler SC3000 tablet pc has an Intel Pentium M processor. This processor is one of the processors that have performed remarkably. Intel has produced very good and outstanding processors. You can use this notebook to write text using your handwriting, or even draw pictures with the help of a pen-based technology. This feature is amazing, as there will be originality in the writing of texts.

The display screen of this notebook is also amazing. It has a very crisp, and sharp display giving you all the fun you need as you watch your DVD movies, and work. Having a good and bright display directly encourages you to work more, or play more. You can have an amazing view from any angle you watch your screen from.

You also have the ability to change screen orientation to landscape from portrait just with the touch of a button. This ability is essential for entertainment lovers.

Also, you can issue commands with your voice simply by telling it what you want. What an exciting feature. It looks like a robot, but it works like a computer. Having this ability gives you control over your system entirely. Additionally, you can use its fingerprint reader if you are security conscious. The use of this security feature gives you the ability to keep your laptop safe from unauthorized people.

The Electrovaya Scribbler SC3000 tablet is an amazing laptop that gives you the entire feature you ever need, even more. Having this type of laptop puts you in control, and you feel like a king.

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