Sony Mylo Personal Communicator. Sony Mylo v IPhone

The Sony Mylo Personal Communicator has a plenty of advantageous features: 1 GB of flash memory, a 2.4-inch LCD display, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Memory Stick slot (PRO Duo) slot, and USB 2.0 port for connectivity to PC and for charging the battery. The lithium-ion Mylo battery provides up to 3.5 hours of Internet calling, up to 7 hours web browsing, and up to 45 hours of music playback.

Mylo users have an opportunity to listen to their favorite music and watch favorite videos. It is very useful device, which is possible to take with you anywhere. Thanks to its small size it is possible to put it in a pocket or purse.

Stay in touch with your friends with the help of Mylo device. It has the most popular messengers, like: Yahoo! Messenger, the Google Talk instant messaging service and Skype. Mylo screen is very nice, with a 2.4 inches with wonderful colors. The QWERTY keyboard is very comfortable for typing.

The Mylo COM-1 enables users to browse virtually any Web site, allowing them to scroll horizontally and vertically through the page. Mylo gives a wonderful opportunity to share your audio files with other Mylo users.

Mylo communicator is sold at a cheap price. Purchasing this type of device you receive lots of advantages to enjoy communication and Internet searches.

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