Apple iBook M9426LLA

The Apple iBook M9426LL/A notebook is a laptop that has average features and hardware capacities, but at the same time, it provides you with all the fun you need. Today, Apple has developed far beyond the use of PowerPC processor, as they have incorporated the Intel processor into their laptop manufacturing.

The Apple iBook M9426LL/A notebook use a 1.0 GHz PowerPC G4 processor. This processor is not very fast, but it can give you a good time will you process your data. Data processing with slow processors can be very boring.

With its 256 MB RAM, and 30 GB hard drive; you can keep all your important files. You might have to be careful which file to save, as there is no much space for saving a bunch of useless information. You can also use a removable hard drive to supplement the little space you have on its hard drive.

The Apple iBook M9426LL/A notebook uses Mac OS X as it operating system. This operating system comes with many preloaded software designed to keep you useful, and also manage your laptop very well. With its weight of 4.9 pounds, you can be sure you can carry it around without stress. The weight of a laptop should be considered before purchasing a laptop, because it will mean a lot more if you can carry it around easily.

The Apple iBook M9426LL/A notebook laptop also has a DVD/CD-RW drive with the ability to play DVD movies, and also burn data to CDs. With its 12" screen, you can be sure that this notebook is one of the smallest notebooks made by Apple. Having a portable and small notebook is very important, and the Apple iBook M9426LL/A laptop provide that. This screen is bright, clear, and crisp, and these effects are brought about by its ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 graphics card.

The Apple iBook M9426LL/A notebook have a very good battery life of about 6 hours. Having a battery life of 6 hours gives you the ability to move around with your laptop with the need to sit in a place because of low power.

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