Gateway MT6452 notebook

The Gateway MT6452 notebook is a simple and stylish notebook. This notebook combines many features to make it outstanding. The performance of the Gateway MT6452 notebook is also something to reckon with.

The Gateway MT6452 notebook comes with a 1.6 AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core TL-52 processor. This processor is very good, and it has the ability to accomplish your task at the speed of the click of your mouse. The importance of a fast processor cannot be overemphasized.

The Gateway MT6452 notebook also has a 1 GB RAM, and a 160 GB hard drive. Having a good hard drive capacity gives you the ability to store, and save your documents, files and information. There are always things to save, and having the space to save them gives you comfort. Professionals do not have to use external hard drives anymore, as this space is enough.

Its 15.4" WXGA TFT display is quite remarkable. You can watch DVD movies on this screen, and you will enjoy it. it is very bright and sharp giving you your desired view. The effects you get are caused by its ATI Radeon Express 1150M graphics card.

The weight of this laptop also makes it possible for you to carry it around easily. it weighs 6.24 pounds, and with its design, you will be proud to display it in the bus, in school, in your office, and anywhere you go.

Its connectivity features include USB ports (for connecting more than one peripherals to your pc), 1 VGA port, 1 S-Video connector, microphone port, LAN port, 1 FireWire port, and a Type I/II PC Card slot. You can be sure you have all the ports connection you need in this laptop.

If you are concerned about internet connection, you have the opportunity to use its 802.11g wireless LAN connection. You can also use its integrated V.92 56K modem. You can be sure you will have unlimited connection with any of this connection options.

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