Gateway MX8711 notebook

The Gateway MX8711 notebook is an impressive laptop, which has all the features you need in a laptop computer. The features in the laptop are to provide an exciting, and interesting experience as you use your laptop computer.

The Gateway MX8711 notebook comes with a fast 1.6 GHz Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2060 processor. This processor is really fast, and you can have a good time using this laptop. The use of this type of processor in the Gateway MX8711 notebook simply tells you that it is an amazing notebook laptop.

The Gateway MX8711 notebook also has a 1 GB RAM, and a 100 GB hard drive. These capacities are good, and they provide all the space you need to run your computer. Also, having a good hard drive space gives you enough room to keep your photos, videos, files, and documents.

Using its dual-layer DVD drive, you can be sure that entertainment lovers will love this laptop. This drive has the ability to play DVD movies, and also burn data to DVD.

For connection to the internet, you do not have a problem as this has already been take care of. There are options to choose from, and they are; 802.11g wireless LAN, and 10/100 fast Ethernet. These options will surely provide you unlimited internet access.

You will be thrilled with its 17" WXGA TFT display. This display is very bright, and it is powered by Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 video card. Watching DVD movies, or working on colored graphics will be so fun with this laptop, because the colors will come out in a bright, clear, and sharp form.

The Gateway MX8711 notebook is a good entertainment laptop that gives you all you need whenever you want it. The features are there to provide you with an exciting, and interesting time.

In summary, the Gateway MX8711 notebook is meant for professional and laptop users who appreciate its features.

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