IBM ThinkPad A20M

The IBM ThinkPad A20M notebook is a small notebook that has existed before the introduction of better, faster, and high-performing laptops. This notebook is really small, and its hardware features are also small. The use of this notebook in this modern day may not be possible or relevant, but it was once a good and strong laptop notebook.

The IBM ThinkPad A20M notebook comes with a 500 MHz Cel-550 processor. This processor is very slow compared to modern technology, but during its time, it was a good one. The use of relevant and fast processor is rapidly increasing in our world today, and manufacturers now use better and faster processors such as Intel Core Duo, AMD Turion, and others.

The hardware features of this notebook include 64 MB RAM, and a 6 GB hard drive. Sometimes i might be wondering if a 6 GB capacity is enough for my mp3 player, not to talk of a laptop notebook. This capacity is too small for a laptop notebook, so I think having an external hard drive can be helpful.

The IBM ThinkPad A20M notebook is a very portable notebook, as it comes in a 12.1" size. Having a portable notebook laptop is a thing of pride, as this gives you the ability to take it anywhere you go. The 12.2" TFT display of this notebook is also good. It has a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. The brightness may not be as good and clear as modern laptops, but this is also good.

It also has a CD drive for watching CDs. DVD drives are not yet available at this time, and manufacturers have not started making more improved entertainment notebooks.

The IBM ThinkPad A20M notebook uses Windows 98 SE as its operating system. This operating system was one of the best during its days, and it still has a record of outstanding performance. Microsoft has improved greatly ever since, and today there are more advanced operating system, that will provide you with all you need.

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