Nec LS50JA23A notebook

The Nec LS50JA23A notebook is an excellent professional laptop that fits into any style of use. This laptop notebook comes with a good performance, and ensuring that you have a good time as you use it. The Nec LS50JA23A notebook can also be an entertainment laptop, as it has all the features to entertain you at all times.

The Nec LS50JA23A notebook comes with a good 1.4 GHz Intel Celeron M processor. This processor type is very good, and working with it will give you a remarkable speed anytime you use it. The use of fast processor removes boredom, because anything you put into it comes out processed at a very fast rate.

Also, it has a 40 GB hard drive, and a 256 MB RAM. These capacities are however small for a professional laptop, because professionals keep many information, and this space will not be enough. Entertainment lovers or professionals may have to use an external hard drive to supplement for the insufficient space. Having a large hard drive keeps you comfortable and relaxed as you can keep all you information, items, and data in one place.

With its 15" XGA display, you will feel at home watching it. Having a clear and sharp display gives you the ability to relax whenever you are watching DVD movies, or working on colored graphics. This brightness is as a result of its high resolution.

Also, the use of its DVD/CDRW drive is also amazing. Entertainment lovers will love to create their own CDs, and have fun. This drive has the ability to play DVD movies, and burn data to CDs.

The Nec LS50JA23A notebook uses Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system. This operating system has a lot of amazing tools to help you get started and help all the way as you use your laptop.

This laptop is also very portable, offering you the ability to carry anywhere you want to go.

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