IBM ThinkPad T23

If you are looking for a portable, smart, and reliable notebook, the IBM ThinkPad T23 notebook is a laptop of choice. This notebook is simple, and it has moderate features to keep all types of laptop users going.

The IBM ThinkPad T23 comes with a 1.13 GHz Intel Pentium 3 processor. This is one of the processors along the line of development by Intel. Today, Intel has come up with better, strong, and much faster processors. Having a processor that will give you a good when using your laptop is very important, as this makes your work faster. Processing information or commands do not have to take a long time. The Pentium 3 is not too bad, but there are faster processors.

Its hardware features are also very small. It uses a 128 MB RAM, and a 30 GB hard drive. You can not save many files on this hard drive, as the space is small. You can only run programs, save a few important files, and that's all. You need a good hard drive capacity as this will provide room for you to keep all your files, and documents.

The 14.1" display of this notebook is also something to recognize. This display screen is very bright, and clear. You will definitely enjoy watching DVD movies n this screen. The screen resolution for this notebook is 1600 x 1200 pixels, giving you a sharp and clear view.

If you are particular about watching DVD movies, you can be sure you can that by using its DVD drive. This drive is only capable of playing DVD movies. Connection to the internet is good and you have different options such as its built-in Ethernet and 56K modem.

Some of its connectivity features include 1 USB port, 1 VGA port, 1 S-Video, headphone, microphone, 2 PCMCIA, and many others. Having a good port connection is very relevant in our today's world. The IBM ThinkPad T23 is an ideal laptop that has many features, giving you the best experience you want.

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