Great mini laptop Samsung Q1U-EL

Can you imagine an extra convenient laptop that combines only the most advantageous feature sin one device? Usually, a laptop has a powerful processor but the hard drive disk is not too spacious, or the screen is not too clear and colors are poor. What model of a laptop is better to choose?

The Samsung Q1U-EL is a great mini laptop that combines only advantageous features. The price for this laptop is not very expensive and practically everyone can afford it. This Samsung device will become a real helper for businessmen, college students, travelers. The Samsung machine is ultra light, it weight is only 1.52 pounds. It can be taken anywhere you go.

The Samsung display is very clean and colors are amazing. Despite the fact that Samsung screen’s size is 7 inches it is possible to watch video files on it. The processor provides a very good work of this laptop.

A 40 GB hard drive disk gives an opportunity for every user to store everything they want on this Samsung mini laptop. It is quite a spacious size for such a mini laptop. A convenient keyboard is another advantage of this laptop. The keys are small but comfortable.

An internet connection is possible because of the 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, 10/100 Ethernet. Checking your email, chatting with your friends and relatives is easy together with this Samsung Q1U-EL laptop.

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