Electrovaya Scribbler SC-2100

The Electrovaya Scribbler SC-2100 notebook is an outstanding notebook with all the features you need to keep you lively, and comfortable. You can use this notebook anywhere you find yourself because it is attractive, portable, and powerful.

The Electrovaya Scribbler SC-2100 notebook comes with an Intel Pentium M processor. Pentium M processors are very good and strong. Having a laptop that has this processor type puts you in a position to work faster than anyone else. Using this type of laptop in an office will give you an outstanding performance over many others because of its speed.

This notebook also has a fingerprint reader. This feature makes it possible for you to relax, knowing fully well that your laptop is safe, and protected from unauthorized users, and trespassers.

The Electrovaya Scribbler SC-2100 notebook also has good hardware features. You can store lots and lots of information on its large hard drive. There is more than enough room for you to keep files, and information. You can also store your music, movies, videos, and other important things without having to delete any file to make room for another.

The Electrovaya Scribbler SC-2100 has a perfect and stylish design capable of attracting all laptop users. Having a good design makes you comfortable using your laptop anywhere, as you get admired with it. Students will flaunt their laptops around in school, professionals will not be ashamed to use on business meetings, and so on.

The Electrovaya Scribbler SC-2100 notebook also has a good, and sustaining battery life. The battery life of a laptop tells so much about it. If your battery life is small, it simply tells you that you can use your laptop outside your home, but for those with good battery life, you can use it on picnics, conferences, and many other outings.

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