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Lenovo laptops models are famous all over the world. Many customers admit that Lenovo laptops are considered to be the most quality and powerful laptops in comparison with other laptops. Relying on the latest Lenovo laptop reviews read by me, the Lenovo company was founded in China in 1984. The founder of this one of the most famous company is Liu Chuanzhi. The company is considered to be the largest Personal Computers (PC) producer.

The word "Lenovo" was formed from the "Le" (from the word Legend) and "novo" (it is not difficult to guess "new"). The Pentium-based Conet PC was presented in 1990s. The most interesting feature is that this model of a laptop was produced together with a modem and access to internet.

In December 2004 Lenovo made an announcement that they were intending to acquire the PC division of IBM. The major aim of Lenovo company was to win the largest part of Western markets and become the largest PC producer. Lenovo is considered to be the third largest producer of computers. After Lenovo got the computer division of IBM it became one of the largest acquisitions in the history of China. Lenovo is the owner of the ThinkPand brand. Lenovo laptop models are very popular among many customers. Lenovo laptops prices are very affordable and attract many customers.

According to the latest Lenovo laptop review the company presented their first-branded product line in 2006. All the PC models are innovative, quality and stylish. The company main offices are located in Japan, USA and China. The Lenovo Group Ltd is rightfully considered the largest computing company.

The Lenovo company was incorporated in 1984 in China. The ThinkVision, ThinkPad, ThinkVantage, ThinkCentre, Aptiva and NetVista are the Lenovo’s product line as it was approved by a Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. Servers, mobile phone handsets handheld computers, and imaging equipment, along with the computers are possible to refer to Lenovo product’s line. The company also provides support services and technology integration. Lenovo laptop prices and user-friendly usage play very important role when customers decode to buy a computer. According to the statistics Lenovo sells its products in 160 countries. So, it is possible to conclude that Lenovo company is really very famous.

Lenovo laptops models

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