OQO 1060303-US Model 02

The OQO 1060303-US Model 02 Ultra Mobile PC is one of the best of these notebook PCs in this category. This computer PC has a good storage capacity, and it has a fast processor. The features of this PC make it suitable for entertainment lovers and mobile professionals.

The OQO 1060303-US Model 02 Ultra Mobile PC comes with a 1.6 GHz VIA C7M ULV processor. This processor has a fast speed and it is also reliable. The use of fast processors makes it comfortable for you to process data and it will also be done at a fast rate.

Also, this PC has a 1 GB RAM, and an 80 GB hard drive. With this hard drive capacity, you can keep all the files you intend to keep. Entertainment lovers can keep their music, videos, and other interesting items, while professionals can also keep their office documents, and files.

The OQO 1060303-US Model 02 Ultra Mobile PC has a 5" widescreen VGA display. This display has a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. The brightness of this display makes it comfortable, and interesting to watch music videos, and also run different applications.

With its Wi-Fi wireless connection, you can have access to unlimited internet connection. In case where there is no availability of Wi-Fi, you can use its Verizon Mobile Broadband Module. There is also the Bluetooth feature which can work as a means for connecting to the internet or a way to transfer files from one gadget to another. The use of the internet in our daily lives is very important, as this gives us the ability to stay in touch with loved ones, and all get necessary and important information.

The weight of the OQO 1060303-US Model 02 Ultra Mobile PC is 1.0 pound. This weight makes it possible to use it as you walk on the street, sit on the plane, or anywhere you go. Its battery life of 3 hours also adds to its ability to be used outdoor.

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