Apple MacBook Pro MA895LL/A laptop review

Apple MacBook Pro is the laptop of your dream. Its main advantageous features are stylish appearance and powerful processor. This laptop was designed for a modern individual who values himself and his time.

The first thing that attracts your attention is the smart layout of the laptop. Apple MacBook Pro has the black sleek aluminum body. And it is only one inch thin. One just can not help staring at it.

Physical parameters of the laptop will satisfy even exacting user. A spacious hard disk (120 GB), powerful processor (2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) and 2 GB RAM (two SO-DIMM) will work on you.

It seems that the developers made everything for your comfort. Built-in Bluetooth, FireWire ports, ExpressCard slot, DVI output will help you in your work and entertainment.

Display with the 15.4 inch size and 1440 by 900 resolution provides bright and clear colours. Working with this laptop does not tire your eyes. It is extremely comfortable.

Women will be especially happy to possess Apple MacBook Pro because of its stylish appearance and light weight (only 1000 hundredths-pounds). It is also convenient for businessmen to have a portable laptop with powerful processor and up to 4 GB RAM capacity. It can be taken anywhere without any problems.

The NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with up to 256MB of dedicated memory is one of the main benefits of the Apple MacBook Pro. Graphics processing has never been so quick. You can watch your favourite movies, play your favourite games and receive great pleasure from it. Anything you want! Battery life is great so you can work or entertain for long hours.

Apple laptop is the world’s recognized laptop. You will definitely find this model to be the best combination of performance and style.

Just choose it because you are worth it!

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