IBM ThinkPad A20 2628

The IBM ThinkPad A20 2628 notebook is another laptop that has few features, and over the years has performed greatly. This notebook is very old, as many modern notebooks have been made after it. Today, manufacturers use modern, high-capacity, fast, and high-performing hardware. When a laptop is being made, many things are put into consideration, as this will help put the product in the frontline of sales.

The IBM ThinkPad A20 2628 notebook comes with a 700 MHz Pentium 3 processor. This processor is not fast enough compared to modern technology, but it can guarantee you success in your work. Having a good and firm notebook is the key to pride.

The IBM ThinkPad A20 2628 notebook is a portable and thin notebook. This feature makes it possible for you to move it around easily. This notebook can be used outside, in school, and anywhere you find yourself.

With a 64 MB RAM, and 12 GB hard drive; you can be sure you would need other external hardware to help supplement the limited space. Having a good capacity hard drive is very good, as this provides room for you to store, and save your files, and important things.

The 14.1" XGA TFT screen is capable of giving you a good time as you watch your screen. It is very bright, and clear, and it has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. The brightness will be more appreciated when you are watching CDs, and working on colored graphics.

The IBM ThinkPad A20 2628 notebook uses Windows 98 as its operating system. Microsoft has developed better, more efficient operating system than this. The use of better operating system provides tools for you to work, and manage your laptop more efficiently.

For a weight of 8 pounds, you can say this notebook is a little heavy, but it can be carried around easily. The manufacturing of better notebook began after all these type of notebook were seen as irrelevant, and outdated.

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