Everex StepNote NC1502

The Everex StepNote NC1502 notebook is another exclusive laptop that has all the features that you ever need. Having a laptop that is amazing gives you the opportunity to do a lot of things with it. Its multimedia features are also outstanding, giving you an overall high performance.

The Everex StepNote NC1502 notebook comes with an amazing 15.4" WXGA display. This display has the capability to show different colors, giving you a brightness that cannot be compared. This display is clear and sharp, and you will certainly enjoy watching your DVD movies on it.

With its 1.5 GHz VIA C7-M processor, you will achieve all you want to achieve. This processor has advanced security features, and it has low power consumption. The speed of this processor is also something to be proud of. This processor is not as common as many others like Intel, AMD, and others, but it has a performance that is reliable.

The Everex StepNote NC1502 notebook also has a 512 MB RAM, and an 80 GB hard drive. This hard drive capacity is enough for you to keep your music files, videos, and other digital files. You also have enough space to run different programs and applications, as you entertain yourself.

With a weight of 5.3 pounds, you will be proud to take this laptop everywhere you go. This laptop is portable and light, and it also has a nice and stylish design. Many professionals love its taste, and simplicity.

Its dual-layer DVD drive gives you the ability to play DVD movies, and also burn data to DVDs and CDs. This feature is cherished by entertainment lovers, because it gives them the opportunity to create their own CDs and DVDs as they entertain themselves.

With its outstanding Windows Vista Home Basic, you have all the opportunity you need to have a good, and high performing laptop.

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